Talent Alliance


The purpose of Central Indiana's Talent Alliance is to elevate the local system of education to world-class status. The Talent Alliance aims to ensure that every student has the opportunity to succeed from cradle to career. The Talent Alliance combines leadership, resources, data, and programs to improve educational outcomes for every citizen, while strengthening the communities and enhancing the economy.

The Talent Alliance’s mission is to encourage the development and continuous enhancement of a region-wide alliance of schools, colleges and universities, services, and supports to maximize the potential of every child and young adult. Developing healthy and successful children is essential in advancing a community’s social and economic prosperity. Ensuring access to quality education, health care, and other needed services secures both the physical and social well-being of growing children, families, and entire communities. A well-educated populace strengthens the community’s capacity for innovation, growth, and economic stability.

Goul Design Company designed the annual report around the developmental continuum (birth to career). The implementation teams focus on points along this continuum.